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The Swamp- Chapter 11

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The Swamp- Chapter 11

There will only be 2-3 more chapters, look out for a new story by me (Swamp Guy) in the beaver section (:

“How is the experiment going, doctor?” Asked a gruff male voice.

“Almost complete.” She replied. “We must hurry, though. His vitals are weak.”

A wail of agony came from the room. Nox recognized it as Cutter’s.

They slipped silently into the main room, where Cutter was lying down in agony in a glass cage.

“Is the first one ready?” Asked the man.

“Yes.” The doctor replied.

A door opened and a massive giga walked through. He shook his head and the man petted him. He was obviously tame.

The giga sniffed the air. He began walking towards the dark corner where Kai and the kapros were huddled.

They were trapped with nowhere to go. The giga walked closer and closer.

“What is it, Titan?” Asked the man

Kai threw a smoke grenade. As it detonated, he, along with the kapros ran out into the open.

The battle had begun.

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