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The Swamp- Chapter 10

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The Swamp- Chapter 10

Sorry for my error in the last chapter, it was supposed to say “was ensuing in the swamp.”

This swamp was exactly like home... except for an intimidating structure sitting in the center. Sunny let them off at a cliff face, and Kai and the kapros climbed down.

The structure did not appear to have any guards or any door, so they moved closer. A rain of bullets began firing at them from somewhere, probably a defense mechanism, but Kai typed something into a keyboard placed in the side wall. The bullets stopped.

“They might come back on.” Said Kai. “Meanwhile, I should figure out how to hack into this system.”

Nox spotted a snake coming towards them. He killed it, and the kapros hungrily fed.

“We’re in.” Whispered Kai as a hidden door slid open. They crept inside.

The room they entered had no guards, and only a few dodos wandering around. They spied another door. It was unlocked.

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