The Swamp: Chapter 8

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The Swamp: Chapter 8

To everyone who reads this: I’d like to recommend Yutys Quest and Dodo tales, great stories, also Aberration Trench and Crystal Land (:

The carno let out a triumphant roar, but it was shattered by a sharp, humongous spear driving itself into the carno’s flesh.

Sunny the Quetzal towered over the dead carno, blood dripping from her beak. Roughtooth took out the fleeing guard, and they all climbed on and into a metal base that had been built on Sunny’s saddle.

“Your friend is being held in the mangroves swamp near the eastern ocean. The evil tribe that dwells there may be using him for sinister purposes.”

The rest of the redwoods flashed by as they soared above the clouds. Eventually, they were directly over the plains.

Suddenly, ballista turrets began firing at them from the back of a paracer. Humans wearing ghilie suits fired at them. Sunny zipped and dodged, and before long the attack had subsided.

They flew on towards the mangroves.

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