The Swamp- Chapter Seven

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The Swamp- Chapter Seven

Sorry if the last chapter was boring, I promise this will be more exciting

The night air was cool and crisp. Kai and the kapros snuck around to the back of the tribes main building.

“This is where my friend is.” Kai whispered. “She’ll help us.”

When he opened the door, a Quetzal equipped with a platform saddle was sitting there.

“This is Sunny.” Said Kai. “She’ll help us.”

“Hey! You aren’t authorized to be here at this hour!” A guard yelled. He hopped on a gallimimus and blew a whistle.

Four other guards came and jumped on their mounts. Two hopped onto carnos. The others got on their argys.

Nox quickly danced around the jaws of the carnos. He then delivered a sharp blow to the gallimimus, who fell down in pain. The argys were taken out as Kai shot shocking tranq darts from his rifle. The guards threw grenades, but Pouncer knocked them away. Eventually, they were exhausted, and a Carno towered over them.

All hope seemed lost.

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