The Swamp- Chapter Six

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The Swamp- Chapter Six

“What’s wrong with you guys?” Nox asked, shaking his brother.

“What’s wrong with YOU?” Roughtooth replied. “You’re wild, Nox. Wild creatures are useless.

“You were wild just twenty minutes ago!” Roared Nox.

“I don’t know what you're talking about.”

Just then a human walked in.

“Kai! Kai!” Said Roughtooth and Pouncer. Pouncer ran over and rubbed her head on Kai’s stomach armor.

Kai had short, dark, spiky hair. He was tall with chitin armor and he stared at Nox.

“I have a gift. I can understand animals.”

His deep blue eyes penetrated Nox’s soul.

“I know where your friend is.”

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