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(Thank you seasnakr)

The Swamp- Chapter Five

It seemed that the chase went on forever. Humans joined the hunt, riding bears and birds and every rideable creature in the forest. Nox was used to running. The others weren’t.

“I-gasp-can’t go-gasp-on any longer.” Panted Roughtooth as they ducked behind a rock. Their pursuers kept on running, trampling a few dilos along the way.

“Oh, shut up. Said Nox, much louder than he should’ve.

“I found them.” Said a voice. A human voice.

Two heavily armored humans approached on foot. They aimed their guns and fired. Nox could feel the tranquilizer entering his blood.

Then everything went dark.

When he woke up, Nox was sitting on a cold metal floor. Pouncer and Roughtooth were sitting nearby. They had that look in their eyes.

They had been tamed.

But Nox hadn’t.

To anyone who reads... just call me Swamp Guy... I really should have a name on this app.

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