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The Swamp- Chapter four

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The Swamp- Chapter four

A bullet whistled through the air. The tiny, fast moving metal balls indicated that a human was close.

The thylo raced toward his attacker, blood dripping from his wound, when a stream of feathered darts cut through the air, instantly knocking the beast out.

A human in armor stepped off one of the birds and began feeding the thylo to tame it.

Then he saw Nox.

A rain of darts came from his gun, but the kapros dodged it all. The human fled back to his base, but the bird was killed by the kapros.

“Tell us what you know!” Yelled Roughtooth.

“He’s dead, you know.” Replied Pouncer.

The Kapros kept on walking until they came to a small lake. They quickly hid in a large bush as a dire bear plodded by. The snakes from back home in the swamp were there, along with those awful birds.

“Careful now.” Whispered Nox.

Roughtooth didn’t pay attention. “There’s the bird who got Cutter!” He yelled.

The entire forest turned its gaze on Roughtooth.

“Run!” Screamed Nox.

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