The Swamp- Chapter 3

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The Swamp- Chapter 3

Everyone knew what happened to those who ventured too deep into the redwoods. There were birds and bears and who know what else. Going in would be a death sentence. Coming out would be a miracle.

But as more humans built their bases in the swamps, Nox and the other Kapros had been forced back. Now, they were at almost constant odds with the birds and even their human riders.

Roughtooth snarled. “The humans made those birds take Cutter.”

“Well, we don’t know that for sure.” Pouncer replied.

“Those birds has saddled but no riders. They must’ve been tame.”

The tall trees hid more secrets than they could have expected. Archaeopteryx glided in the canopy. Gallimimus ran amok. And big horned dinosaurs bullied them all.

The birds were nowhere to be seen. But Nox could have sworn he saw a beak flash by in the bushes.

A growl sounded from behind. Nox turned around to see a large mammal barging towards them. The Thylo was right upon them when...

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