The Swamp- chapter 2

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The Swamp- chapter 2

When Nox got back to his home under a small overhanging rock, everyone glared at him.

Well, both of them. Roughtooth and Roughtooth’s friend Pouncer.

“What’s the matter?” Asked Nox, flinging his kill at them.

“Wimp.” Muttered Roughtooth.

“Hey, I got two humans.” Said Nox innocently.

“Yeah, but they’re just humans. Hairless gigantopithecuses.”

Roughtooth looked concerned. About what? The snakes and the frogs and the bears- well, they hadn’t come near the kapro’s territory in months.

“The mauling birds got Cutter.”

The birds! Those bipedal menaces usually kept hidden in the redwoods. But every now and then...

“If you had been there, we would’ve fought them off. But you were galavanting around the swamp chasing monkeys!”

Nox was stunned. It wasn’t his fault. It really wasn’t!

But the birds had taken too much from Nox. Cutter was his closest friend.

It was time to fight back.

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