So I started playing Doom and Doom 2 again, they’re very…

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So I started playing Doom and Doom 2 again, they’re very good games, and packed with crazy monsters to fight, so I thought I’d rank all 17 monsters from weakest to most ridiculously overpowered.

17. Zombie: Super easy to kill monster, armed with a rifle that fires one weak shot at a time. Two shots from a pistol or one shot from a shotgun and they fall over dead with blood pouring outta their chest (literally).

16. Shotgun Zombie: Basically the zombie but with more health and a shotgun, recommended to use a shotgun because it’ll bring it down with one shot.

15. Imp: The weakest non-zombie enemy, Imps are relatively easy to kill, recommended to use a shotgun as a pistol takes to long to kill them with. Their main weapon is a fireball that they throw at you but they can do deadly melee attacks as well.

14. Heavy Weapon Zombie: Basically a zombie but stronger and it carries a chaingun. This thing is pretty dangerous and should probably be dealt with using a shotgun.

13. Pinky: Big and brutish monster that is, as the name suggests, pink. They’re fast moving and deal a small amount of damage with their vicious bites. The shotgun is best for dealing with these things.

12. Spectre: The Spectre is identical to the Pinky, apart from one thing, they’re invisible, which makes them ridiculously frustrating to kill.

11. Lost Soul: This monster is a flying skull, which makes it an annoying enemy, they can charge at you and angrily bite you, but what makes them so annoying is that they take at least 3 shotgun shots to kill, and they normally come in groups as well.

10. Pain Elemental: a giant, floating brown ball with horns. This nightmare is a pain to kill and even worse, it’s only method of attack is spitting Lost Souls at you, making them a nightmare.

9. Revenant: A skeleton wearing a chest plate with rocket launchers attached to its shoulder, sounds bad? It really is. These things are pretty annoying to kill, especially with their rocket launchers. A rocket launcher can kill a Revenant with one hit, but the Super Shotgun is good as well.

8. Cacodemon: a giant, floating red ball with a big eye, they also shoot balls of lightning from their mouths. These are nightmares to kill as shotgun hardly hurts them, but the rocket launcher and chaingun can quickly kill them.

7. Hell Knight: A giant Minotaur that throws fireballs, these things are quite hard to kill but the Super Shotgun can quickly deal with them, but the Rocket Launcher and Plasma Gun also works.

6. Arch-Vile: A tall monster with a lot of health that summons monsters and revives dead ones. They’re pretty annoying and have the ability to set you on fire, dealing a lot of damage. However, they can quickly be killed with the Super Shotgun.

5. Mancubus: A big ugly fat thing with flamethrowers for hands. These things are quite strong and take a while to kill, Powerful weapons are recommended for killing these things.

4. Arachnotron: A nightmare. It’s a giant robot spider that has a brain (with a face attached to it) stuck on top of it. They also have a plasma gun stuck to them, making them a dangerous enemy, they also have a lot of health and take heavy weapons to kill.

3. Baron of Hell: The Hell Knight but red and a lot stronger, you have to fight 2 of these things as the boss battle for part 1 of Doom. They’re really powerful and take powerful weapons like Rocket Launchers to kill. They also appear in later parts of the game as mini-bosses.

2. Cyberdemon: A giant Minotaur with rocket launchers for hands and lots of health, this is the boss of Part 2 and a complete nightmare to kill. It can pretty much only be killed with a rocket launcher or stronger weapons.

1. Spider Mastermind: The arachnotron but way bigger with a chaingun instead of a plasma gun. This thing is the final boss and is so over powered it’s the only reason I haven’t finished Doom yet.


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