Land of the Broken- Chapter 9

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Land of the Broken- Chapter 9

They ran, pushed past the grief and the nameless and fled. The first seeping realization was that the Tek suits weren’t blocking enough realization. The second was that they were blocked. Nameless surrounded them on all sides.

“Hey, guys...stay passive, alright?” Sean asked the others. “Wait just one moment.”

They stood there for a second, and then the drakes came, snatching up the nameless. They ran further in. The air was pitch black and blood red at the same time. The irradiated haze made them dizzy.

Eventually, they made it to the deepest point. They knew they couldn’t go any further when they saw the terminal. There was no other option. They stood silent as the light flashed and they teleported to the most terrifying sight of their lives.

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