Land of the Broken- Chapter 8

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Land of the Broken- Chapter 8

“Who’s Edmund?” Nox asked Kai.

“No idea.”

“You people have been the only thing in my way. You’ve foiled my plans again and again. It ends here. And if you’re lucky enough to survive, Edmund will be here soon to see you.”

“You have nothing to hold us here with. You have nothing to stop us here with.” Slav growled.

“Oh, but I do.” Haphis laughed. Out of the shadows came Flare and Sunny. Except they weren’t Flare and Sunny. They were corrupted beyond belief.

“You monster.” Kai and Jenny growled at the same time.

“Ah, I suppose I am. But what are you going to do about it?” He asked. “Now, my minions, tear them to shreds.”

Flare and Sunny shrieked and flew at them, but everyone dodged out of the way.

“We can’t fight him.” Slav admitted. “We have to flee.”

“We can’t. They’ll just come after us.”

“Not if one of us stays behind.” Chiron said out of nowhere, “if I stay behind, you guys will have enough time to get away.”

“Chiron, no.”

“I’ve lived longer than you guys. You’re going to do a lot more than me in your lives.”

“Chiron, you can’t. You’re like a father to me.” Jenny choked.

“Jenny, go.” He ordered. They ran down deeper into the red zone as Chiron’s final scream rang through the chamber.

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