Land of the Broken-Chapter 7

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Land of the Broken-Chapter 7

The kapros easily landed on the hard, rocky floor, barely missing the strange pink water. The humans, being clumsy, fell into the liquid. The hot element hissed, but their Tek suits pulsed and they lifted out onto the red soil.

Once Slav woke up the others, they assessed their situation. They were in some sort of irradiated area, very, very deep down.

“Hopefully the Fists are gone.” Kai sighed.

At that very moment, a terrifying alien roar echoed through the chamber. Two blood-red reapers ridden by humans awaited them as they turned around. The humans, which Sean recognized as the leaders of the Blue Fists, wore slightly torn hazard armor and were bleeding from numerous places, probably due to seeker bites.

“You killed our entire army. You killed our friends. We are the only ones left, but we are going to make sure you pay.” The first person growled. “Now, Presage, Warpath, annihilate them.” He called to the reapers. The humans jumped off and the reapers rushed at Sean and the others. They managed to dodge the first few blows, but the Reapers were too fast.

“My lieutenants, call off the attack.” A corrupted, twisted voice growled. The humans and reapers fled and Kai gasped as Haphis walked down a ramp of corrupted material he created with his own hands.

“I have a new friend.” He growled, growing swords of corruption out of his hands. “But before you meet Edmund, why don’t we get this over with?”

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