Land of the Broken-Chapter 6

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Land of the Broken-Chapter 6

The dragons that Sean called Rock Drakes came at them, teeth bared. With the Tek armor’s brute strength, Kai tore through several of them, but ultimately was sent crashing to the ground. The same fate befell the others, except for Sean and Slav, who struggled to stay upright.

“I’ve got a lot to protect here.” Sean growled. “And a lot I’ve already lost. If I die, take care of my tames for me.”

“I’m not so sure I’ll survive this, too.” Slav sighed as a reaper jumped at them. Sean powered up a massive punch and tore through it.

“Acid! I can’t see!” He screamed, as his jet pack sputtered out of control and smashed into a stalactite, rupturing his Tek armor. He fell, limp, to the purple glow below where the rest of them lay.

Sean faced the wave alone. Except he wasn’t alone. He whistled and a massive basilisk army came from the ground. The others didn’t know where Slav went every night, and why more and more basilisks popped up near their base, but the answer was clear. The snakes shot poison gas at the Blue Fists, who were startled. Many fell down into the bioluminescence, where they died grisly deaths on stalagmites or from jellyfish stings in the water.

When the last of them were finished, Slav took a deep breath and dove down to see if his friends were alive.

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