Land of the Broken- Chapter 3

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Land of the Broken- Chapter 3

Four ravagers and three kapros tumbled off the cliff, bouncing on mushroom trees as they raced around the rivers and the forest. You’d probably presume that they were happy, but Kai and the others, who happened to be the riders of the ravagers, were screaming.




They almost skidded off the edge of the blue biome. Down there was the no-go zone. They headed down there at one point, and got dive bombed by these weird things that had the face of a Tuso but the body of a bat. It wasn’t a good place, they weren’t going there.


Sean snooped around the newbie’s base. Looked pretty casual. These people obviously didn’t know that a stray earthquake could destroy it all. He whistled, and Weaver came out of the ground in all his glory Sean hopped on the reaper and proceeded to destroy the base. Removal was necessary. Those poor people could build another base. This island was sanctioned for the Blue Fist tribe. Sean didn’t feel much regret, even though he was destroying someone’s base with a reaper.

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