Land of the Broken- Chapter 2 By Swamp Guy

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Land of the Broken- Chapter 2 By Swamp Guy

The dark toxin wound through the man’s veins. Corrupted blood spilled from his chest where the Ravager had hit him. Strapped to his back were two swords made out of Deathworm horns, infused with the corruption that fed him. The corruption was him.

He was Haphis.

Arguably, the best thing about landing on this broken neverland was the new voice in his head. Someone just like him. Someone who knew what he needed. What he wanted.

Someone who shared his thirst for power. The voice spoke in a cracked British accent. Poking through was the corruption, adding a second layer to his voice.

“You’ll be better soon.” Rockwell said, that voice in his mind. “Then we can finally defeat them. Then we can win.”


The little wood hut on the island was populated, Sean noticed. People! Four humans and three creatures he hadn’t seen since his days on Valguero. Kapros.

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