Land of the Broken- Chapter 1 By Swamp Guy

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Land of the Broken- Chapter 1 By Swamp Guy

Note- This story directly follows the events of Twisted Sands. This is what happens when they land in Aberration.

Jenny opened her eyes, expecting to see a hot desert and maybe a mantis. Unfortunately, that’s not what she saw. They were in a massive cave like on the island, except much, much bigger. They lay on a massive structure. It was old and rusty, but it hummed with the soft pulse that Jenny recognized as element. She saw towering mushroom trees, and a lake off in the distance. Almost everything was green. Was this a fertile cave hidden under the desert?

It couldn’t be. Creatures that you’d never see in caves, like Carnos and Doedics trotted around them. They were all glowing.

There were other things too. Things that Jenny didn’t recognize. She saw a Direwolf pack, except they had longer claws. Longer ears. And no hair. Off in the distance, she saw a giant insect with massive claws-a crab maybe? And only a few feet away was a mound of dirt. A three-pronged play swayed lethargically in the soft breeze.

“Where are we?” Chiron asked. The others had woken up. Haphis was nowhere in sight. Had they finally gotten rid of him?

“I think we’re in the next Ark.” Slav said.

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