Rathalos (S2 Ep45)

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Rathalos (S2 Ep45)


Riker yelled to the others, “Take care of Rathalos for me!” As she turned around to the DodoRex. “RIKER!!! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!” Rathalos yelled, attempting to follow her partner. With tears in their eyes, they waved to Riker and held Rathalos back. Riker yelled to the dude on the wyvern; “WHEN IT OPENS ITS MOUTH, FIRE THE LIGHTNING INTO IT!!” The guy nodded. She ran and punched its foot, “HEY DUMMY!” She yelled to it, “COME AND GET ME!” She ran the opposite way, and it followed, gaining fast. When it was far enough, she turned and stood where she was. She looked back to her friends, and then back to the DodoRex. She stared death in the eye, and it responded in the form of the hungry DodoRex.

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