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I have finally taken the time to read this story.

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I have finally taken the time to read this story. This is good, but I still question how Acid did those things (or was it just for the story?) either mobile dilos are buffed up or the dilo was a high level. Although good story. Also, when you get to the ocean, I would highly suggest using a bary. They have infinite oxygen (I don’t know on mobile, I don’t really play it.) and can stun sharks. Just don’t go too deep or a squid might want to see your bary for a minute. Though I would use the bary until you find a basilo, which I would say is the best aquatic creature. It can’t be grabbed by a tuso, can get good damage and large health pool, and is able to kill a alpha tuso if you spin around it and bite it. (When your stamina runs out tank some hits and then continue spinning around it. It doesn’t really matter what level the basilo is, I would suggest getting one that is atleast level 50 or above, and if your first basilo is a low level, use it to find a higher level. The basilo I tamed 75 and I got its hp up to 25,000 and got it to be dealing 320 damage. Only thing that can really be a threat to a basilo is the caves. Everything is buffed up, sharks deal a ton of damage. Though, I have heard that icthyosaurs can’t get aggroed onto unless you attack first. Hope this helps for when you get to water, or if your already there.


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