You may or may not know me, but I am lamprey.

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You may or may not know me, but I am lamprey. One of my old names was TCK, which you might know of. If you don’t remember, I was in rock drake at the time. There’s been a lot of new fanfictioners. I’ll try to name all of them- oh wait, I remembered that you said you read the posts while you were inactive. I’ll just give a list just in case and where you can find them.

Seasnake: currently in rock drake, use google to find the first three chapters of last hope, because dragon turned into a huge argument.

DTG: he is ending Dodo Tales, but he’s currently in forest titan, still going in alphabetical order.

Apex: started in reaper, now at nameless, story is a bit violent, has the new title of speed typer. Apex usually posts the entire story in one day (usually around 12-9 chapter) or two days.

Lamprey: in wyvern, started in crystal wyvern Queen, I would not recommend it since it’s not well made. I started a new one in magmasaur, which is much better.

Swamp guy: currently in Phoenix, started in kapro.

Skronkmonster: I think he started in quetz, although I could be wrong. Skronk is currently in noglin, and he’s been inactive for a bit now.

Red dragon: he is the newest fanfictioner, I think. You can find Red in allo.

CL1: been inactive here, but I think she is active in discord, which I don’t have.

P. Metallica: currently in griffin, read draconis tales if you want to understand isle of griffins (which is in griffin). Draconis tales started in wyvern.

Bob: finally back after a while, starting new story in snail.

Dilo girl: found in dilo, story is called acid the dilo.

That’s all I can currently think of, bloodstalker and attack drone are inactive. Also everyone has a dye now, I can be found in cyan dye.


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