Once open a timeโ€ฆah forget it.

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Once open a timeโ€ฆah forget it.

So I had a bunch of deinonychus eggs (like 9) I got them all from using a bait technique so I hatched them all

Turns out I suck at being a parent because only 1 survived *-*

I named it snowy and it died to a raptor the next day.

I just got 3 new eggs and I named the babies Denise Deborah And Destiny. They died to a raptor as well. I just got 2 eggs and one had triplets. I lost them all today. I still have 1 egg to hatch.

God I suck at being a parent.

1 up = 1 R.I.P to those who have not made it past childhood T-T

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