Hallowed Isles: Chapter 6

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Hallowed Isles: Chapter 6

Blitzkreig looked at Ackbar sadly. The. He glanced at the Dodorex. His cousin Blister and good friend Grimlock were fighting an impossible fight. Blister blasted the feathered reptile with white-hot flames. He glanced over. His sad eyes plainly said: β€˜Tell Blaze and Burn.’

β€˜I will,’ Blitzkreig thought to himself, β€˜I will.’


The three tek-clad PURG troopers looked down on the fight. There never was too much hope. Grimlock was leaking oil and each bite was weaker than the one before. Blister was taking the brunt of the flame attacks, and it made him stronger. He was flying circles around the Dodorex, but he couldn’t afford to get hit by one snap of the creature’s beak. There was a flash. Grimlock had fallen. One snap later, so had Blister.

Ando and Ackbar directed their mounts to turn, and they flew off. Both had tears in their eyes.

Next chapter can be found in the Tapejara section!


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