Hallowed Isles: Chapter 3

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Hallowed Isles: Chapter 3

The birds before them were twisted, and rotting. Ackbar slowly approached the undead birds, his tek sword humming with power. Farquad kept watch, his head darting from side to side; it was not the zombdodos that they were worried about, they were about as deadly as a couple Hesperornis with broken legs. It was what followed them. Ackbar raised his sword like a woodcutter raises an axe. Then, he was hit from the side by something heavy and flat. It was Farquad. The Captain had just barely shoved him out of the way of a falling tree. Farquad wasn’t so lucky. Both of his legs were wedged under a massive redwood. Ackbar clenched his right fist. His gauntlet began to glow. Then, in ablur of motion, the redwood tree split down the middle. Ackbar dragged the unconscious Farquad out from underneath the oversized hunk of firewood. Then, with a burst of flame, the tree ignited. A nasally roar split the silence of the evening. The Dodorex.

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