Hallowed Isles: Chapter 1

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Hallowed Isles: Chapter 1

A powerful wind whistled through the tundra. Ackbar was glad he had his tek suit on. He checked his inventory: 5000 element shards. Good. That should help the tribe fight off the coming Dodowyvern. Oh yeah. And the Dodorex. And all of their zombie minions.

β€œCalm down,” Ackbar had to remind himself, the 0971 PURG division needed a level-headed general. The PURG has been founded by the revolutionary Octo, until he was torn to shreds by a giga not long after they were added. Then along came Ackbar, he blazed through the ranks like a Phoenix, and acquired full tek at level 77. With some help from Ando, that is. A message flashed in his visor: low element. He needed to get back to the floating islands. He whistled: two high notes. No response. Right, Blitzkreig was carrying gems back to craft glider wings for lower levels. Ok, no problem. Ackbar pulled a small, cold, blue cylinder out of his inventory. He looked through one of the frosted-over windows. He smiled. He was happy he had Extinction. He threw it. A few seconds and a burst of blue hexagons later, a tall, silver Mek stood before him. A large cannon stuck up by fed his back, and a name was printed on the upper left side of his chest: PURG-G0HST. Ackbar popped the cockpit open, and climbed in. He took off his helmet. Thank goodness for heated interiors. He checked the charge. 89%. That worked. He needed to get home quickly to grab Blitzkreig, his lightning wyvern. It was his turn for zombie hunting.

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