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I was playing on extinction, and I needed a Tapejara to…

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I was playing on extinction, and I needed a Tapejara to help me build my base, as I was building very high. I went to the southeastern part of the sanctuary, there are a bunch Tapejaras there. I found a level 101 and knocked it out. Then I went to pick up a dodicurus from the desert biome. When I came back, the Tapejara was gone. Was dismayed, because that was the highest level one that I had found, and all of my kibble was on him. I moved on with my life, and after a month and a half, I was taking that same dodicurus from all that time ago to harvest some element dust. I saw a Tapejara chilling on the ground. As I was still looking for one to finish my base, I got a bit closer and pulled out my spyglass. But, I realized that I could see his level from the distance I was at. β€˜That’s bizarre.’ I thought. I put on a ghille suit, and walked closer. I pulled out a Bola and snuck behind it. I started to wind up the bola, but then the Tapejara took off and flew right towards me. I was very confused, but I pulled out my tranq rifle. And fired a couple darts into him. He was unfazed, and continued towards me. I put my rifle away and readied my tek sword. Then, as he got close, he stopped, and hovered. I walked up to him, and he just flapped in place. Then I saw the full floating name: Tapejara: Level 149: following: AdmAckbarDS2. That was me. I was shocked. This was that Tapejara! He must have tried to follow me back to base but got left behind. I brought him home, and put a tek saddle on him. He was mine! I named him Starscream, and gunned down several Rexes with him. He was mine! I finished my base and cherished him. Hope you enjoyed the tale.

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