Hallowed Isles: Chapter 5

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Hallowed Isles: Chapter 5

Ando looked as his Tek Giga, Grimlock, charged in to attack the Dodorex. It would most likely be the end of their friendship. Although the iron beast was max level, it would take several of his brethren with his same power to have much of a chance against the power of the Dodorex. He looked on as the Dodorex began the slaughter. Then he shook himself. Sacrifices must be made. That was the way of things. He grabbed the unconscious Farquad, then threw him across the back of his Tapejara, Eagle. Then he jumped on himself. Ackbar pulled a cryopod out of his inventory. He deployed it, and an ember wyvern Exploded out.

β€œGo, blister.”

The wyvern took off, and Ackbar climbed onto Blitzkrieg.

Ando nodded. Sacrifice. That was the way of the Hallowed Isles.

Next chapter is in the crystal wyvern section!


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