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Rathalos (S2 Ep24)

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Rathalos (S2 Ep24)

“Hazel? Cary? What are you doing?” Riker said as they followed Riley outside. Hazel said in her fakiest fake voice: “oh, thank goodness! This... thing attacked me! Help!!!” Riley and Cary ignored it. “You... You came.” Cary said to Riley. “Yea. Did you... come here for me?” “Yea.” They stared at each other for awhile while Hazel and Diablo told Riker and Rathalos what had supposedly happened. “Cary attacked me! I wa’ comin ter meet y’all,, and she lunged at me from outta nowhere! Y’all ‘ave got ter help me!” “I though Cary hated Riley.” Riker whispered to Rathalos. “Guess not.” The wolf replied. Meanwhile, Cary and Riley were still staring at each other. They hadn’t spoken in years. “You would really risk yourself for me? After all I did...” Riley said. “And you me even after I abandoned you?” Cary said. “Yea.” They said together. “Do you forgive me?” “I should be apologizing. I should have believed you. I’m sorry. Forgive me?” Riley said. “Of course.”

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