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Rathalos (S3 Ep23)

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Rathalos (S3 Ep23)

“Did you hear that?” The duo said at the same time. They had heard some sort of crash noise. “Let’s go.” Rathalos said. They opened the door to see Diablo, with his heavy tail on top of Riley. Upon seeing them, he quickly appeared as desperate as he could while also making it appear Riley was winning. “Oh, that goodness you are here! This... human has attacked me! Help!!!” “Wait guys, please. I need to get to Cary!” Riley begged, standing up. “Where is she?” “Uhm, as if we’d tell YOU.” Riker said. “Don’t listen to her! She LIES!!” Diablo screamed. “Look who’s talking!” Riley snapped. “Let go of me! Riker, Please.” She said desperately. “I’m not gonna let you hurt Cary!” Rathalos yelled as Riley broke free. “We can’t let her get away! Hurry, you two! I’ll catch up!” Diablo said.

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