The Furry Warriors- Chapter 2- made by Swamp Guy

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The Furry Warriors- Chapter 2- made by Swamp Guy

“Enforcers!” Yelled Conifer, who was on scout duty that day. My family and others hid in the shadows, but many stayed to fight back. The battle was short and brutal. When they were done, those beasts scuttled away, leaving our numbers stricken from fifty down to twelve. Thankfully, my family survived the ordeal intact.

It was not safe enough here. We had to move on.

Eventually, we made it to a place called Sanctuary Park. We frolicked in the cool water.

“Aargh!” Yelled Pine Fir, another survivor. “Piranhas!”

Those evil fish danced through the water, biting us. We all managed to get out.

“What’s this?” A voice asked. “Beavers, ready to be eaten...”

The Baryonyx stood tall above us, smiling through sharp teeth.

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