The Furry Warriors- Chapter 1- made by Swamp Guy

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The Furry Warriors- Chapter 1- made by Swamp Guy

“Is the raptor gone yet?” Asked Birch, my younger brother.

“No, not yet.” Said my mother Chopper.

“It’s leaving.” I whispered.

“That was a weird raptor.” Said Maple, my youngest sister.

A tek raptor. I knew that it was. They were rare, and no one I knew had seen one before.

But I knew.

My family, along with several other beaver clans, lives in a place humans call “Obelisk Park.” I get why. A massive obelisk looms over us. But this place was perfect. We used to live in the main part of the ruined city, but we moved out here for safety. Still, we are not safe. Raptors and Rexes roam here, and so do the scouts and the enforcers. A raptor killed my oldest brother Blackthorn a week ago. We are never safe here. But I was fine with that.

Until the day the enforcers came.

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