Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 25 (we are nearing the climax! thank you for reading 📖)

“They are rallying their troops below the island.” Salizar said. “What should I do, Father?” The dragon asked. “Go join their party, they are all waiting.” Salizar replied. “Yes father” the dragon said, then he flew away. “Now, back to work..” Salizar said.

Salizar walked through the cyan willow woods for a time, it was a warm day so he was no longer wearing his cloak, he walked with his arms crossed behind his back, he looked as if he thought he was better than everyone (because he did) eventually he reached the dig site, it was a large hole dug into the ground with a path wrapping around the sides at the bottom was a silver metal with neon cyan lights. “How is the dig going Darkhide?” He asked. Darkhide was a peculiar rockdrake he was jet black but he had an unfortunate genetic mutation which made him featherless, “yes master Salizar we have found the tek.” Darkhide said. “The terminal?” Salizar wondered. “We believe it is under a hatch but we can’t open it..” Darkhide said. “Show me.” Salizar said.

Darkhide led Salizar down the pit, all the way to the bottom and gestured towards the tek plating, Salizar looked at the plate and said “tell all of the workers to leave.” “Yes sir, ALL OF YOU MOVE OUT.” Darkhide said. The rockdrake workers immediately left. (they knew neither Darkide or Salizar liked dilly dallying) “now tear it off.” Salizar said. “But sir, it could have defenses!” Darkhide said. “It may, what about it.. GO” Salizar said. “All right..” Darkhide said in despair. He pulled the plate off and to his amazement, didn’t get shocked. “Hmm it doesn’t have defenses.. good for you,” Salizar said, completely unfazed about the fact that he could’ve just sent Darkhide to his grave. “Now let’s get to work.” Salizar said, he walked up to the now uncovered terminal, it was a small screen, with a keyboard on the bottom and three buttons to the left of the screen, the screen was inactive. Salizar thought for a moment then he pressed the three buttons in this order -up down middle- and the screen and keyboard popped up and the screen activated “Manual Ark control activated Overseer protocols de-activated” a disembodied voice said. “Ahh now let’s see,” Salizar said, “creature growing chambers, reseed protocol, ah here it is.. Civilization retaliation protocol.” He said “what’s that?” Darkhide asked. “It’s what the overseer does if the humans get too powerful, if they.. unite,” Salizar said, “But I shall use it to destroy this ark.” He said. “WAIT WHAT!? that’s what your doing! You said you were going to ah-” Darkhide was cut off, because of the knife in his throat. “Hmm he was annoying anyway.. back to destroying this place,” Salizar said, he pressed a few buttons then gasped “FOUR DAY CHARGE FOR FULL ARK WIPE!” He exclaimed “aggghhhhhhh!.. ok I’ll just have to hold them off a bit longer..”

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