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The Bog

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The Bog

Chapter 2:Getting Supplies

It was easy to get strong things, since the Gauntlet missions offered much. I gathered all the things I need from "Bog Beatdown" and going back to base to craft them. Though, the longing of a bary stuck with me as I fought off intruders, building my base. I did a few more missions, "Bog Rally" and "King of Swing" were just to name some. I got a bow, and tranq arrows. Now I just have to wait for the bary. I've decided upon a taller rock, and spotted one. It was far away, but luckily I'm a good shot. I slightly tilted the bow to the right and up, then I let go. The arrow struck it's tail, and it ran towards me. I shot at it more, whilst sitting on my rock, then it ran. I slid down the side I came up and put my bow in the back. My boots felt soggy,I should craft more. But for now, I needed a bary. As I shot and he ran, he fell down. Woah! The bary had a level 78 title. I was proud for knocking out such a beast. I went to a shallow pool and stuck my sword in, and caught a few. I placed each of them carefully in the bary's mouth, and I waited. I waited so long. But then, I saw a giant bary rise from the ground.

'I shall name you.. Bog. And I have a great feeling about this.' I thought enthusiastically.

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