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The Bog

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The Bog

A Player's Adventure

Chapter 1: The Awakening

I wake up in the bog, and I look around. It looks like a beautiful place. But then I remember the dangers that follow. HLN-A talks with me as I get targeted by insect swarms. I build a base quickly and look for something to kill, so I can get meat for a kapro or a sarco (my character has high melee, I uploaded them) because I need protection. I kill a lystro and find a low enough level sarco, and do my "specialty circle". I follow the sarco's back legs and punch the belly, and at the same time if I circle it like that it cannot attack me. I knocked it- no, him out and put the meat in. Once he awakes, I put him near my base. I open the missions tab. 'Ooh,' I think, 'maybe I should do the fishing one.'

So I put the sarco on follow, which I named "Cryo" for cryopod, and I go to the mission area after crafting nets. I finish the mission, after a while, and do more missions. I did the "Bog Beatdown" mission and finished the gamma and beta. I get really good gear, which I did not know I could get, but then after I did the beta, I saw a bary- two barys, rushing towards Cryo! They kill him and head for me, but I race off with high movement speed. 'I need a bary,' I thought. 'Poor Cryo didn't stand a chance.'

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