Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

Chapter 10. We made it to chapter 10, this is a high five for the people who have read it to this point, Anyway back to the story..

“Did I do that?” Ping said. “Yup I think you got him.” Caesar said. “Oh.. woops” Ping said. “No woops needed, nice work little guy!” The chief said. Jaxz flew down from the prison cell he was hiding in and said, “oh well.. Drains not a problem anymore.” “Another desmodus get him!” One of the gigantopithicus said, and he and some others held up spears to throw at Jaxz. “Wait boys! He freed us!” Darrel said. “Oh.. sorry bout that.” The gigantopithicus said. “Well i guess I’m homeless now..” Jaxz said, looking at the wreckage of the cave. “You could come with us.” Ron said. “Really?” Jaxz said. “Why not we already have a smart meso a dumb kairuku, a weird sinomacrops, and a crazy dodo. What’s a non psycho desmodus?” Caesar said. “Alright. sure I’ll come!” Jaxz said.

They marched out of the cave victorious, they parted ways with the troop, but the chief said, if the group ever needed aid they would be there. The group made camp, because it was now sunset, “so what’s the point of this group?” Jaxz asked. “to slay the mighty dragon” Nash answered. “Wait what! I just left the desmoduses because that was their plan!” Jaxz said. “Well we actually have a plan beyond “bite him!” So there’s that” Caesar said. “Hmm I guess that helps,” Jaxz said “anyone want to tell scary stories? It’s desmodus tradition to tell them wile at camp.” “Sure why not!” Said Ron. “Ok! I’ll probably wet myself tho, hehe.” Ping said, and Nash, and Ron, who were seated next to him scooted away. “Alright, this story is true,” Jaxz said “it’s about the weremeso! a small desmodus was flying through the dark night forest, when a oraneo witch, cursed him because he called her ugly, she was ugly, but that’s beyond the point, so he ran back to his cave in terror, but the next full moon he transformed! Into a half desmodus, half mesopithicus beast! the other desmodus tried to fight back but he was too strong, so the next day they banished him from the cave, and he was forced to walk the woods forever alone, and every full moon you can still hear the ape-like hooting of the WEREMESO!!” At that moment they heard ape-like hooting, and most of them screamed, except Caesar who just glared. “That story was absurd, and it’s not even full moon,” he said gesturing at the white crescent in the sky, “and I think that hooting is just the gigantopithicus troop..” he said. “Hehe I was right.. I peed.” Ping said, Nash and Ron scooted farther away “that’s gross, Ping” Ron said.

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