A Strange Island (new story by Lamprey)

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A Strange Island (new story by Lamprey)

Chapter 1

I awoke on a beachside, and I saw endless waters. Where was I? I had no memory of my past, but it didn’t make any sense. You know what, it doesn’t matter right now, because I need to focus on survival. I heard something strange, and I looked in the direction of where it came from, and I saw… A dodo bird? I walked over to the dodo, and this thing looked REALLY ugly. I grabbed a stone, and started to hit to the dodo with it until it died.

“Stupid dodo! Just free meat.” I said. I hit a tree with my stone, and it quickly broke. Didn’t make sense at all, but whatever. I decided to punch the tree, and I did just that. Now I had some thatch and wood, maybe I could get fiber and berries to eat from the bushes. I collected fiber and berries, and ate some of the berries. I made a stone pickaxe and got some flint, and also made an axe. And then I harvested the dodo with the axe, and got some hide and meat. This felt… normal? It didn’t make sense, but this place probably won’t make much sense though. I then collected more thatch, fiber, and flint. I made a bow and about 50 arrows. I also made a quiver, and I could see a hill with lots of trees, and I mean a LOT of trees. Once I got to other side of the beach, a huge body of water split me between this place. I looked to the left, and I saw a shorter path. On the way there, I made some cloth clothes with my little bit of hide and fiber that I had. Once I got there, I crossed the water and I could see a swamp to the left, but I ignored it and proceeded to go up the mountain. About midway through, I heard something dangerous. I pulled out my bow and had an arrow ready, and I could see a strange lizard charging at me with a jaw full of teeth, and claws to kill. I aimed for the head, and loosed the arrow, and the raptors fell at my feet. I pulled out the arrow, and examined the creature. Words popped up in my head, “Raptor.” Was this thing called a raptor? I harvested it, and got a good amount of hide. I got to the top of the hill, and I could see dark colored rocks with yellow stripes. Perhaps it was metal? If it was, I could have access to many defensive things.

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