King of the Wyverns (Or KOTW for short.)

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King of the Wyverns (Or KOTW for short.)

Chapter 5

“Ares?” Razz called from Ares’ back. “You ok dude?”

They were flying back towards the cave, but Ares had fallen into a trance, reliving his horrific memories.

Ares pulled away from Hiro, blood seeping from his eye that Hiro stabbed.

In his panic, Ares smacked the Fjordhawk against one of the walls and then tried to blast him with a beam of lightning, but was pushed over by a guard.

“How dare you hurt Lord Hiro?” the guard roared. Cleo launched at the guard and bit his wing and shook, snapping the bone.

Ares took the chance to rush out the door calling, “Cleo! Come on!”

Cleo dropped the wing she had in her mouth and flew after Ares, ignoring Hiro’s screams.

“You’ll never survive out there!” he yelled. “I’ll do everything I can to make sure you die!”

Cleo and Ares flew out the trench and away from the civilization, never to return again.

“I think he’s dead!” Jazz said to Razz.

“Are you dumb?” Razz asked. “If he was dead, he couldn’t be flying.”

“You know,” Jazz countered, “Your brain can work 8 minutes after you die!”

“How do you even know that?” Razz muttered. “All he needs is a good bite.” And with that, he promptly bit into Ares’ fleshy back.

“What the-?” Ares woke from his daze. “Who BIT me?”

Jazz answered first. “Razz did! We thought you were dead!”

“No, only you did.”

Ares shook his head while the twins started bickering. They were hastily coming upon the cave. “Get ready to land, twins.”

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