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Rathalos (S1 Ep8)

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Rathalos (S1 Ep8)

Riker was about to go insane.

Was it to much to ask for a map? She had been in this dumb dungeon for DAYS. She had started seeing things. Rainbow dodos... something that looked like a small procoptodon... she was hearing things... loud footsteps... something that sounded like a frog... she couldn’t take it. She saw a large room and decided to rest for awhile. And then... we’re those... kapros? And Sarcos? Come out of the ground. Instinctively she fired her bow, quickly clearing the room. And yet another wave came from the floor, she cleared those as well. Twice more. Finally the room stopped producing eerie life forms and she left as fast as she could. At the end of the hall was a chest... with a key in it! She ran back to the door, and came across another large room... this time a frog emerged. She tried to run back out, but the door had sealed itself. Firing rapidly, she brought the frog down, it’s tongue brushing her. She staggered to the wall and blacked out.

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