The Legend of Ellanora (Ep6)

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The Legend of Ellanora (Ep6)

(Finally it’s not in funny section)

“You say that as if I didn’t know.” Ella said with a smirk. “Okay, then let’s figure out how the heck we’re gonna do it!” Rikera stood and began pacing. “Where were you last?” “A tribe. Over that way.” Ella pointed toward the tribe where she had woken. “DTC?” Rikera looked saddened somehow. “Well, it’s our only lead. Let’s go.” Why wasn’t she as pumped as she was earlier? “Uh, do you have disguises? I don’t feel like being seen.” Ella said, remembering how people were being weird when she awoke. “Sure. I have some.” A few minutes later, Rikera had given Ella a decent disguise, a simple robe. She also had one for herself. “Why do you need one?” Ella questioned. “I don’t feel like being seen either.” Rikera put hers on and ignored the rest of Ella’s questions. Once they arrived, Rikera led Ella around town. She seemed to know it well. Suddenly, Ella stopped in front of a small hut. “I know this place.”

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