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The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 11

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The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 11

The monster that was once Cenness charged at them.

“In the Toxicant Tea,” she roared, “is a substance you know too well. It has made me this way!”

“Element!” The humans said. Kai charged first. Jenny scampered off, to do who knows what. Kai and Haphis followed.

Kai and the kapros held off the monster for about 10 seconds before she lifted them up and dropped them in her enormous mouth.

“Now you will DIE!” She screamed ferociously.

“Not yet!” Jenny said, streaking through the air on an orange blur that could only be Flare. Slav rode Parker, and Haphis rode his Woolly Rhino. The battle was intense, mostly because Cenness was a massive monster and they were four humans and three kapros, plus a griffin, a rhino, and a spider.

“I’ll distract her!” Roared Haphis, and he charged straight at the giant full force. The rhino’s horn dug deep, and Cenness wobbled off balance and fell, but not before dealing a fatal blow to Haphis and his rhino.

“Haphis!” They screamed, but they kept going. Attacking weak spots, dodging blasts of fire, until Cenness fell to the ground dead, Toxicant Tea trickling from her veins.

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