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The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 7

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The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 7

A strange man stepped out of the shadows. Behind him was a woolly rhino.

“Haphis!” Kai and Jenny lifted their weapons at the had-been tribe leader.

“I won’t exile you out of anything anymore.” He wheezed. “Now I’m just a man with a bad case of Swamp Fever.

“Ewwww!” Nox and Pouncer recoiled, but the others kept talking.

“What happened?” Asked Jenny.

“Who the heck is this guy?” Asked Slav.

“We’ll explain later.” Cutter said. Kai nodded to Haphis.

“Not too long after you left, some of Skrake’s followers infiltrated our city. After causing panic and death, they kidnapped me and took me here. So that I didn’t have the strength to escape, they put a diseased leech on me and Impaler.” He gestured to the Rhino. “And now that our town is in ruins, Doctor Cenness can finally infiltrate the Snow Cave to get the Toxicant Tea.”

“That’s really bad.” Kai said, as the doors swung open to reveal Cenness and two allosaurs.

“It’s time you came with me.” She said.

They walked and walked to another prison in the Grand Hills. There, they were locked up for two days. As the sun peeked above the horizon on the third day, a guard came into their cell.

“Come on.” He said sharply. “Into the arena.”

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