The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 6

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The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 6

“We’re... we’re dead.” Kai managed to say, exhausted, as they ran from the Rex. “There’s no point...”

“Shut UP, Kai!” Nox barked. “There’s still a chance!”

The Rex came closer and closer, saliva dripping from its merciless jaws. “Prepare for death.” It snarled, the second a tek rifle blast hit its head, killing it.

“Who are you?” Said a strange voice through a helmet.

“Doctor Cenness.” Said Slav bitterly. “How are you enjoying having no Skrake to boss you around?”

“Shut it.” She said, and Kai and the kapros could tell that it was the scientist who helped Skrake in the swamp.

“You are coming with me.” She said. She whistled loudly, and an entire allosaurus pack came to her side.

“Come now.” She said.

They were thrown into a small building on the edge of the Maw.

“This is inconvenient.” Muttered Jenny. “We help some random guy and then we get thrown in prison.”

“Oh, you’ll like it here.” Said a malicious voice. “You’ll get used to it.”

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