The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 4

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The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 4

“Is this the right place?” Kai asked as they reached the Maw.

“Yes, I believe so.” Slav replied. “We will try to find the tea in the Central Cave.”

“I’ve never been in a cave.” Said Jenny. “What’s it like?”

“Dark, wet, humid, and dangerous.” Kai muttered.

Nox, Cutter, and Pouncer (Kai had told Slav their names) went in alongside the humans.

Jenny held Kai’s hand for most of the way. Growing up on a high mountain does not prepare you for deep caves.

“Watch out for Megalosaurus.” Slav said bitterly.

Jenny stifled a scream. “They have those here?”

“Yes.” Said Kai. “They also have snakes.”

“Talking about ussssssss?” A titanoboa hissed as three more found their hiding spot.

“Who are you?” Barked Nox.

“We are the Venom Warriors of the Central Cave.” They said in unison.

Kai and Jenny drew their swords. “I really miss living on the volcano.” She said, and sliced the head off of the lead snake.

“You’ve killed Constriketor!” Gasped the other snakes. “He was... he was a...”

“Real pain in the butt!” Another voice said. A megalosaurus began bounding towards them. He killed the snakes and then turned his eyes on Slav and the others.

“Today, I think I shall eat quite well.” It snarled.

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