The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 1 By Swamp Guy

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The Toxicant Trials- Chapter 1 By Swamp Guy

Slav looked across the cave. Arthropleuras. Coming fast. He whistled to his gallimimus and his Araneo. It was time to go.

They shot out of the cave into bright sunlight. The redwood trees were tall overhead.

Slav patted Flash, his gallimimus and Parker, his Araneo. Another tough spot that they had gotten out of together.

“Hey, who are you?” A girl’s voice asked.

Slav put his hands up. The girl looked at his Araneo and thought for a minute.

That redwoods village was enormous, Slav thought. It had been here where he had killed Skrake.

When they got to a large building, three kapros and a male human bounded out.

Slav recognized that kapro. The kapro recognized him.

“You.” It said. Slav could understand animals. It was pretty weird.

“Jenny!” Said the other human. “You’re back!”

“Yeah, and look at this guy.” She said.

The kapro said it again to the boy. “Kai, that’s the man who killed Skrake!”

Kai’s eyes widened. Slav just stood there, wondering what would happen next.

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