Toxic Tales: Chapter 5

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Toxic Tales: Chapter 5


Elpis heard those voices again, "look who we found, a little wyvern," hissed one.

"Should we give it a taste of its own medicine?" snarled another.

"They're picking us off one by one, why not take out one of them, besides I've never had wyvern before." The whole pack of troodons charged forward, pinning down Elpis while others bit and clawed at her scales. She flailed desperately and shrieked in pain as they continued to attack her. A blast of poison landed nearby, hitting a troodon directly in the face, it shrieked and flailed, trying to get the acid off. It stood up and glared at Elpis, it's formerly blue feathers had melted off its face, revealing the burned skin underneath. She stared in horror as it shredded her left frill before running away from another blast.

"Why are you here?" Barked a guard.

"I got lost," she stuttered.

"Elpis! Elpis wake," up yelled Achelois, "they caught some parasaurs! Wait, are you alright? You look scared."

"I'm fine," she rubbed her tattered frill with her wing, "just tired."

"Alright, be quick, after the hunters it's first come first serve." Elpis looked at her wings, brownish-green scales coated in scars and tattered off-green membranes coated in scars. Every where she looked she saw scars, all of them were there sense that day, none of them would heal. She left the cave and saw the camp set by the mouth of the cave. Simple nests were set up on the far right side of the clearing. There was five allos and Achelois crowded in a circle eating in the center. On the left there was two hatchlings chasing each other while monitored by a pair of allos. An adolescent allosaur approached her dragging over a piece of one of the parasaurs.

"Hey, I'm Asclepius, I saved this for you, you're Elpis right?"

"Yeah I am, thanks for saving this for me."

"No problem, we've been having a hard time finding prey lately so it's not much."

"It's alright, the poison wyverns had plenty of food what's going on here?"

"We can't go too close to poison wyvern hunting grounds or they'll hunt us, how did you not know this?"

"Because they taught us to hunt in areas even a dodo would know not to go near and they don't tell any of us what we're eating, we go down to a series of caves and get our rations."

"Why didn't you say anything about that?"

"We didn't know that everyone else knew what they ate."

"Hey! Wyvern!" Yelled the red allo from across the camp. Both Achelois and Elpis looked at him. "Not you," he yelled at Achelois, "the scar covered one."

A blood red allo shoved him to ground, "how about you treat our guests better then that," she growled as she said it, "now, Elpis, I'm Moirae and I need you to follow me." Elpis followed her into the forest until they were out of hearing range from the camp. Once she looked over at Moirae she saw him, he was pinned down by the allo, Moirae nodded at the allo and he walked in the direction of the camp. She immediately pinned the troodon down. He had blue feathers and his only half his face had feathers, the other half had no feathers, instead he had burned skin and a cloudy eye.

"The little wyvern's bigger now! Do you want your other frill to match your left one?"

P.S. the point of view will start changing around soon, get ready.

- Sol

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