The Allo Tooth Necklace

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The Allo Tooth Necklace

Part eighteen

Tom woke up. He was expecting to still be in the middle of a battle, but he was in a room made of wood. He was lying on a bed, and looked to his left. There was a man looking through storage boxes, dressed in white clothes. To his right, more beds with people on them. He realized where he was. A hospital. At that moment, something clicked in his memory. He remembered at time he was in a hospital just like this one. He had cancer. He remembered his family was sitting beside him then. He forgot about his family. How could someone forget about their family? They weren’t on the island, not that he knew of. And why did he not have cancer anymore? These questions would plague his mind for the rest of his time on the island. Just then, Bruce came over. “Bruce! You lived through the battle! What happened?” He started laughing. “When you saw a titanoboa nearby, you blacked out. I guess you’re afraid of snakes.” “No, I mean what happened in the battle. Did we win?” “Yeah we won, as soon as the Titan fell the raiders ran away like the cowards they were.” “Yes! But let me ask you something. Do you remember anything about your family?”

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