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Rathalos (S2 Ep2)

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Rathalos (S2 Ep2)

Okay, let’s rewind to about 2 weeks ago, a couple days after Riker revived Rathalos.

Around the arctic canyon where they first met, Riker and Rathalos were sitting by the river, watching some icthys dancing out in the distance, when this girl approached and asked Riker what was up with her wolf. Riker told the tale of the raptors, the dungeon, and the big metal glowing thing. The stranger explained that the metal thing was a Tek kibble processer, and there was a chance that when an implant gos through it, it will be eery once revived. Then she explained that eery creatures were the glowy ones. “If you knew all this, why did you ask?” Riker questioned. “I was curious how you got it.” The stranger replied. Riker had one more question (at least for now) “what’s your name?” The stranger responded:

“Call me Riley.”

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