Wyvernian, I read chapter 46!

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Wyvernian, I read chapter 46!!! Nash slicing the juvenile rhynio was awesome!!! And Rest in The Deep Barnacle. May you always be remembered as a hero, and never be forgotten.

I’m glad you enjoyed what I currently released for Ultimus!!! And to answer two of your questions (I will not answer question 2).

1. Hunter’s research was the simulation research on what creatures best worked in the simulation with humans. Which turned out to be dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

2. Most of the characters I’ve picked that are in the crossover and are not in Ultimus currently are characters that are coming into Ultimus in the future. Ultimus is my only human POV story I written so far.

And I very much agree with you about ignoring the haters that are currently out and about. And yeah, they’ve been going after most of the Achatina stories.

Ben, I’m glad you enjoyed chapter 7 of Ultimus!!! I plan on it being interesting, but you may be surprised!!!

SandmasterXD, I read chapter 3 ATLWCS!!!! Andrew’s there too!!! I really enjoyed it!!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!

Until Next Time!!!


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