Ben, I read chapter 44!

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Ben, I read chapter 44!!! I really liked the flashback scene, it was sweet!!! I wonder if we’ll see anymore flashbacks with Wren? And is there trouble in paradise for our two lovers? I really enjoyed it!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

I’m so sorry, I meant to write this last night, but I got distracted by my dummy mistake and thought I wrote it in but I didn’t.

Oooh, that sounds interesting!!! I think it’ll be interesting to see characters from The Ark Over Heaven, The Riddles of the Shadow Phoenixes and other stories interacting with one another. Especially TAOH and TROTSP considering most of the characters from both have powers. I’ll definitely be wanting to collaborate when I feel I built enough of my story. I have a couple more things to be revealed before doing that.

SandmasterXD, it’s alright. If you lost your progress, it’s okay. Just if you can, get the next chapter out soon!! Also I’m glad you enjoyed Journey!!! The next chapter is Monday, I think. It kinda depends. I hope you enjoy the future of it!!

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