Sunnyfox, I have a theory about Cyrus and his possible…

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Sunnyfox, I have a theory about Cyrus and his possible power(everyone’s probably hating me for these theories)!!! But I’m not going to say it. I don’t want to be right and spoil anything for anyone else if I am right. I already feel guilty for the last two I did. I am gonna give a hint though to my theory if you’re okay with that.

Something minor isn’t as it seems. Details are strange and confusing, but add them together and things become clear. Look Closer… The Truth is Ou-

“I’m not going to say that!!”

“Why not, it’s funny. It fits perfectly with your hint on what the theory.”

PrimalApex turns around from his chair and see one of his characters, a small creature with toe claws yet to be determined by his audience.

“This isn’t an X-File, it’s a hint to my theory for TDP.”

“You have no sense of humor Primal.”

“And you shouldn’t exist outside of Journey.”

“No Wai-“

But it was too late... (No fictional characters were hurt in the making of this)

Did anyone else have any trouble with Dododex last night?

Until Next Time!!


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