Ben, okay. Here are a few of my questions…

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Ben, okay. Here are a few of my questions…

1. How many more writers/readers do you plan on adding cameos or characters for in your story?

2. How many more parts will you be doing of TAOH?

3. Will TAOH include other maps like Scorched Earth or Aberration or will there be a sequel/sequels or prequels to TAOH?

4. Is there still only one Alpha on the Island?

5. Are they all in a S-… sorry, this is a theory for later…

6. This may sound stupid, but if everyone has an implant. Does that mean they are still alive somewhere else or are they completely modified and no longer have that ability?

I think that’s all the questions I have about TAOH right now that I can think of.

Until Next Time!!!


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